One of our top selling items in 2021 was Greci Semi-Dried Tomatoes. We can't get enough of the Semi-Dried Tomatoes craze!

These juicy oven roasted Italian tomatoes are the perfect enhancement for any recipe, and we mean any recipe. It's getting used in pizzerias, restaurants and in homes across the U.S.

We asked our test kitchen to come up with some staples while also finding some pleasantly surprising uses for Rustic Semi-Dried Tomatoes! Here are 7 of our favorite ways to use Rustic Semi-Dried Tomatoes in our recipes.

1. Focaccia 

Focaccia with Rustic Semi-Dried Tomatoes
Focaccia is one of our favorite styles of bread. A fan favorite in our test kitchen, this bread has a rich taste, crispy crust, and a light mouthfeel. Interested in taking your focaccia to the next level? Try adding Rustic Semi-Dried Tomatoes! Fruity, tangy, and flavorful, these tomatoes are such a delicious addition to any meal. 

2. Sandwiches

Puccia Semi-Dried Rustic Tomatoes

Sandwiches: what makes them so great? Their fillings! Fill your sandwiches with Rustic Semi-Dried Tomatoes like this delectable recipe from Greci!

3. Pizza Toppings

Roman-Style Pizza with Rustic Semi-Dried Tomatoes
It's the perfect pizza topping! Make your pizzas even more delicious with these tasty tomatoes like our friends at KPizza do!

4. Sauce

Sauce made with Rustic Semi-Dried Tomatoes
Rustic Semi-Dried Tomatoes will brighten up your sauces! The difference between regular sun-dried tomatoes and these tasty alternatives is the flavor. Sun-dried tomatoes have a strong vinegar taste that may overpower your sauce. The rustic semi-dried tomatoes have a nice flavor that enhances your sauce without taking away from the other flavors. 

5. Bruschetta

Bruschetta with Semi-Dried Rustic Tomatoes
Bruschetta is a staple appetizer for any party and super easy to make. Liven up your bruschetta up a notch when you add Rustic Semi-Dried Tomatoes! 

6. Salad

Salad with Semi-Dried Rustic Tomatoes
Switch things up by adding Rustic Semi-Dried Tomatoes to your favorite Italian salad!

7. Poke Bowls

Poke Bowl with Rustic Semi-Dried Tomatoes
We told you we had a surprise up our sleeves! Love Poke Bowls? We do too! We were so surprised at how much Semi-Dried Tomatoes enhanced the flavors of an already mouth-watering dish.

And there you have it! Some of our favorite ways to use Rustic Semi-Dried Tomatoes in our recipes! Did any of your favorites make our list? Share with us on our social pages your favorite ways to use Rustic Semi-Dried Tomatoes!