A recent review on “The Points Guy” website, written by Zach Griff focused on the upgraded Mint 2.0 service on JetBlue that now features Tutto Calabria Chili Oil with part of the meal.

The review is favorable on the overhaul of the Mint “soft” product (this refers to the variable aspects of a flight experience that aren’t essential to the aircraft) before the end of 2020. Zach shares that the Mint 2.0 experience is taking to a whole new level, starting with the food offerings which Tutto Calabria Chili Oil is part of.


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Photo by Zach Griff/The Points Guy

Through the positive experience reviewed, Zach shares out that the food has improved, with a menu that alternates frequently and varies depending on direction of travel and departure time. (The full listing can be found on JetBlue’s website.)

The presentation of the meal on JetBlue Mint 2.0 service was restaurant quality, freshly prepared and plated by the crew in the galley.

JetBlue didn’t gloss over the small details with this improved food service. The condiments were served in a classy gold-colored cup, filled with Maldon salt flakes, Tutto Calabria Chili Oil and a small bottle of olive oil. Learn more about the Personal Pack here.


Shared from a blog post on The Points Guy , Dec. 3, 202 by Zach Griff, title “JetBlue’s best-in-class Mint biz gets even better