Manzo Food Sales is an Italian Importer that provides complete end-to-end Omni-Channel Service in the U.S. Market.

Manzo Food Sales is a true Italian Food Importer that delivers authentic high quality imported Italian foods throughout the U.S. distributors and retailers in 48 hours. We help Italian companies develop the U.S. market and deliver product from one unit to one truckload to national wholesalers, distributors and retailers in 48 hours. We provide a complete end-to-end Omni-Channel service in the U.S. Market.

Manzo Food Sales does direct to consumer E-Commerce sales, Retailer Sales, Wholesaler Distribution sales and Restaurant Sales. Manzo Food Sales will take your product from an imported product to national distribution. From one piece to truckloads we deliver nationally to consumers, retailers, national and regional distributors and to ECommerce channels.

Manzo Food Sales is the one of the few Italian Importers in the United States that can ship one unit to any consumer or deliver an entire truckload to any national distributor, retailer or Ecommerce channel.


Manzo Food Sales | Italian Food Importer | US National Distributor


Founded in 1979, Manzo Food Sales is a family-owned and operated Importer headquartered in Miami, Florida. With deep connections throughout the foodservice industry, retail and online food categories. We are a trusted supplier for many large prestigious restaurant chains and food distributors worldwide.

For over 20 years, we have carefully selected well-known producers and top brands in Italy, to bring to the U.S. The full line of products includes Artisan crafted pasta, tomatoes, and sauces, cheeses (frozen and fresh), flour, top-rated pizza ingredients, Calabrian Chili Peppers, Italian harvested canned specialty vegetables, authentic Italian Virgin Olive Oil, Gluten-Free product, Italian Cookies, and more.

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How We Work.

Step 1 : Planning

  • Manzo Food Sales will develop a plan step-by-step strategy to grow your brand in the U.S. market.

Step 2: Strategy

  • We provide strategy and in house marketing services to help you build your exposure to targeted channels.

Step 3: Sales

  • Manzo Food Sales works to develop sales in an Omni Channel Market: Wholesale, Retail and ECommerce.

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Get Tutto CalabriaPolselliBassoLOro Del Sud, MariellaGreci Prontofresco and Authentic Italian brands from Manzo Food Sales. We help Italian companies develop the U.S. market and deliver product from one unit to one truckload to national wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

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