Tutto Calabria Calabrian Chili Oil is now served on London Jet Blue Flights . A recent blog post by Ben Schlappig, titled “JetBlue Mint Studio Review: Is It Worth The Upgrade?” discussed the new Jet Blue Mint service to London and highlighted the meal which included the  Tutto Calabrian Chili Oil which is a top selling product on ManzoFood.com.

Ben shares the experience of the JetBlue’s Mint Suite on the outbound flight on a recent London flight. This service is the standard business class seating on the transatlantic A321LR. The blog discusses the service and ask if the JetBlue Mint Studio is worth the upgrade cost.

The Mint Studio isn’t a separate class of service, but rather it’s just a premium seating option as discussed in the blog post.  Ben discuss the great care and service provided by the Mint business class cabin flight attendants, Cesar, Valerie, and Michael.  couldn’t have been more professional, kind, and personable.

The main meal included the Personal Pack of Tutto Calabria Calabrian Chili Oil to help spice up the meal. The Calabrian Chili Oil is made from Hand-Picked Calabrian Chili Peppers from Tutto Calabria, fresh from the southern coast of Italy that offer an Authentic Italian Spicy, Earthy and Savory taste of heat with every recipe.

Tutto Calabria Calabrian Chili Pepper Oil from ManzoFood.com


For hundreds of years, Calabrian Chili Peppers have been celebrated in Calabria, Italy. ManzoFood.com is proud to share the celebrated unique fruity, and spicy Authentic Italian Calabrian Chili Peppers. Tutto Calabria Calabrian Chili Oil can be used on Pizza, Pasta, Poultry, Sandwiches, Vegetables and all your favorite recipes.


Tutto Calabria Calabrian Chili Peppers Personal Packs from ManzoFood.com