L’Oro Del Sud Calabrian Chili Peppers Are Now Available!

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LOro Del Sud Calabrian Chili Peppers at ManzoFood.com

Our Hand-Picked LOro Del Sud Crushed Calabrian Chili Peppers are fresh from the southern coast of Italy. They offer an Authentic Italian Spicy, Earthy and Savory taste of heat with every recipe.

For hundreds of years, Calabrian Chili Peppers have been celebrated in Calabria, Italy. Our traditional unique fruity, and spicy Authentic Italian recipe is a true Italian flavor! Our combination of fresh ingredients creates a savory and spicy flavor for all recipes.

Get them in a 9 Oz. Jar in crushed or whole.
Available in a larger 2KG tub in Crushed or Whole.

Use on Pizza, Pasta, Poultry, Sandwiches, Vegetables and all your favorite recipes.

The Calabrian Chili Pepper is rusty, dark red in color, grow on overarching vines and commonly used in Italian cuisine. The Calabrian Chili pepper is a versatile ingredient with a remarkable combination of fruity, spicy, and salty flavor that leaves a lasting impression on your tongue.

Calabrian Chili is a variety of red peperoncini from Southern Italy. It gets its name from the region of Calabria (Italy’s “toe”), in which it’s been cultivated for hundreds of years. Calabrian Chili peppers have become very important in the region’s culinary traditions in Calabria. The “Peperoncino Festival” is held every year in September and hosts tastings, contests and live performances.

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